Hollyoaks: Will Frankie and Darren be forced to tell the police about Jack?

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Newt goes missing at the start of the week and Frankie and Darren are desperate to find him. It seems that the young lad’s disappearance has been sparked by the fact that he spotted Jack the previous night. As Frankie and Darren hunt high and low they soon reach the conclusion that they might have to call the police. But are they ready to reveal the startling truth about Jack?

Niall has decided that he’s going to start his life afresh now that he has Steph and Tom. But will he be able to behave himself and get the happy ending he longs for? Of course not. Things quickly turn sour for him when he discovers that Tom has nabbed his folder containing all of the details Kieron knew about him being Myra’s son.

Niall heads straight to see Myra and starts to think about how this could be the reconciliation that he’s wished for. But then Myra drops a bombshell. She tells Niall that even if she had the chance to find her long-lost son, she doesn’t think she’d want to. Niall is gutted to hear this, if only Myra knew who she was really talking to! The lad is angry and reaches for the nearest heavy object – an iron. Just as he’s about to strike Myra with it, the rest of the McQueen’s turn up. Myra doesn’t know how close she came to being one of Niall’s victims.

Michaela comes up with a cunning plan to get her own way this week. She uses the fact that Amy needs help with her art project to get closer to Mike. She then decides to enroll on a journalism course at HCC and enlists Mike as her tour guide of the college. But the trip around campus doesn’t run as smoothly as she anticipated.

Elsewhere in the village, Mandy and Louise decide to put on an open day at the Loft to promote their new business venture. Of course, things are more than a little awkward between Mandy and Warren, seeing as they’ve just shared an illicit night of passion, unbeknown to Louise.

Warren gets a serious attack of the green-eyed monster when Louise suggests to him that she thinks there may be chemistry between Mandy and Dom. But Mandy soon tells Warren that she’s not at all interested in Dom, in fact, she proves it by kissing Warren. Oh dear. These two are playing a very dangerous game!

Russ and Tina are still struggling to get along. They know they have to come together for the sake of baby Max, but they really don’t seem suited to one another. Russ is finding fatherhood tough too, but luckily Nancy comes to the rescue when he gets in a spot of bother with baby Max.

Calvin has plenty to worry about this week too. He’s becoming fearful that the police are going to find out what really happened to Nige. What will happen if the truth finally does surface?
Hollyoaks: Will Frankie and Darren be forced to tell the police about Jack?