Emmedale Spoilers: Val’s plan to throw a divorce party doesn’t quite go to plan

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Val’s plan to throw a divorce party doesn’t quite go to plan, when Paul is horrified to walk into a troupe of male dancers. Lily scheme to get Jonny back to the village doesn’t work either so she comes up with the idea that Paul should go and visit him in Australia. The idea appeals to him but Val makes up a story that Rodney has a serious heart condition so she can make him stay.
Meanwhile, Jimmy and Carl are buoyant when they receive semi-positive feedback from old business contacts. However, when Scarlett sends a quotation to a client using the old King & Sons logo Carl is furious as it puts the client off – so will they have to get rid of the family name to continue business?

Eli persuades Marlon to give Donna another chance and he agrees as long as she promises to be completely honest with him and act as if Ross doesn’t exist. So when a visitation letters comes she is in a dilemma. She visits Ross who asks her to find out why Jasmine lied to the police. On returning to the village Donna questions her and realises that her and Debbie are hiding something. But can she risk her marriage so she can dig deeper and find out what has been going on so she can save Ross?

As problems continue Debbie is furious when she discovers that Jasmine is planning to follow Ashley and Laurel to their new home in Leeds. But it soon transpires that they may not be moving at all. Katie announces that the new owners of Home Farm have also bought the church. Mark and Natasha Wylde sweep into the village on horseback and interrupt Ashley and Laurel’s part y to order a round of champagne. As the villagers become more irate Naasha tells them they bought Home Farm to live in; they bought the Church to give back to the community.

The joyous locals decide to welcome the new couple and help out when incompetent removal men don’t do their job properly.
Aaron continues to get into trouble and Lisa accuses him of stealing from the family pot. But Chas comes to the rescue and claims she took it as a loan. But he doesn’t thank her and she ends up getting upset. Lisa isn’t warming to the boy but it seems the rest of the women in the family want to protect him – even Belle who takes the blame for stealing from the Wyldes’ removal van. When she finally finds out the truth she kicks him out of the house – but Chas is determined to stick by her son.

When Lisa invites Marlon and Donna to Zak’s birthday party he thinks it is best to attend but he is forced to vigorously defend Donna’s reputation when she comes under fire from the rest of the family. He insists that the Dingles make her feel welcome. But will the party go off with a bang?

Emmedale Spoilers: Val’s plan to throw a divorce party doesn’t quite go to plan