Video: Lady Gaga confronts anti-gay preacher

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Lady Gaga has released a video of her confronting an anti-gay fundamentalist.

The clip shows the gay-friendly star being handed a ‘get out of hell free’ card by a preacher as she arrived at one of her gigs.

Gaga rolls her car window down and says: “Hi, I’m Lady Gaga.”

When the placard-carrying man responds “So?” Gaga says: “You obviously do care a little because you chose my concert.”

He then accuses her of being a pervert and tells her she will go to hell. The star retorts that his comments are “hurtful”.

As the car drives away, Gaga says: “It just makes me sad that my fans have to see that. But I know it’s just part of what I’m supposed to do.”

Video clip starts at 2.45 minutes.