Chaz Bono hopes to marry his girlfriend

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Chaz Bono has revealed he plans to marry girlfriend Jennifer Elia before the year is out.

Speaking to Piers Morgan, the star said he and Elia had been engaged for two years but “kind of had to put things on hold a little bit” while he transitioned.

As Bono is now legally recognised as male, the couple can get married.

Elia told the New York Daily News that Bono’s transition had improved their relationship.

“When you have a partner who’s happy in their skin and happy in general, not depressed and feeling completely in the wrong body, it changes everything,” she said.

Speaking to Oprah Winfrey last week, Bono described the “horror” of puberty as a girl.

He said: “When I was really little it became clear to me that I felt like a little boy, all my friends were little boys. And as I got older… it was like my body was betraying me. I went from a very athletic straight up and down little kid to a very curvaceous woman and it was just horrifying to me.”

He also described how his mother Cher had hoped with the change.

“She was unbelievably cool, shockingly cool, but time went on and the reality started to set in and I felt her pulling away from me a bit. When my voice started to change is when it really hit her,” Bono said.

“She is getting better and better. She is moving in the right direction, it is just a process. It is a grieving process.”