Married butcher puts up sign to combat gay rumours

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A married butcher in East Yorkshire has taken the step of putting a sign in his window declaring he is not gay.

Brian Fields, who owns the Fields of Anlaby butchers in Hessle, announced that the rumours were completely false and that his children were being bullied at school over the gossip.

He says that for the last three months, he has been the subject of rumours which claim his wife is divorcing him over a gay affair.

He believes the rumours may have been started by those who are jealous of his award-winning business and says he and his wife and three children are still very much together.

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Fields said: “It started about three months ago when friends said they had heard the rumour.

“I thought it would just go away on its own but it just got bigger and bigger. Then I thought I had to take a stance.”

This week, he put up a sign in his shop window asking people to stop gossiping because it was upsetting his wife and children.

Mr Fields said he had no problem with gay people.

He said: “I have gay family members and gay friends and I believe in ‘each to their own’.

“I took action because I didn’t want my customers thinking I had been unfaithful and dishonest.”

Mr Fields’ message:

Malicious Rumours

I would normally ignore stupid rumours and have done so for the last 3 months and have done in the past and I am use to it, I suppose it is the price you pay for being successful and in the public eye but I am afraid that nowadays there are some people that like nothing better to cause trouble and love to gossip, not caring whether it is true or not, it’s a bit of excitement for this and a sad reflection of our times.

But the rumour that I am gay and my wife is divorcing me has grown out of all proportion and it seems to be spreading everywhere, even to the school where my 3 young children attend. This is not fair on my wife and children as we all know children can be cruel and bullying can be a problem.

My wife and I are happily married, we have a happy home life and will continue to do so, but when my 7 year old daughter comes home from school and asks who she will live with if we split up and there isn’t even a problem, I think this is completely out of order and a disgrace and time for me to take a stand!

So please can you correct these people if they have already told you this rumour or if they try to pass the rumour on to you in the future, as this will help quash these stupid rumours, so my family and I can get on with our lives.

For the record I have nothing against people that are gay and believe that people should be left to live their private life, however they choose, without prejudice and without gossiping and that includes my family.

Please remind people that their small minded actions have consequences that affect other peoples lives.