Australian politician’s gay brother: comments are “dangerous” and “inappropriate”

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Bob Katter’s anti-gay remarks have been provoking censure around the world, but today it comes from an unexpected source much closer to home: his brother.

Last week, he called gay marriage “a joke”, a proposition “to be laughed at”.

Now, Carl Katter, the politician’s gay brother has come forward with strong criticism of his sibling, calling his viewpoint “dangerous”.

In an interview with Australia’s Network Ten, he said: “I don’t understand his motives.

“I don’t know how he can target a minority and persecute them in the way he has. His gross generalisations are inappropriate in today’s society.

“Honestly, whenever I see him in the news I turn him off.”

When asked what his politician brother would think of his interview he added: “‘I don’t know and I don’t care.”

Katter’s party dropped one of its candidates yesterday for asking whether he could hold personal views on gay marriage.