Gay Iranians come out on Facebook

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A Facebook group has been set up for gay Iranians to come out and discuss their personal stories.

Iran has the death penalty for homosexuality and there is no gay rights movement operating openly within the country.

The Facebook group, called We Are Everywhere, includes messages, photos and videos from LGBT Iranians and their supporters.

Many have hidden their identities, due to the threat LGBT people face.

In one video, a man who calls himself Medhi shows only his mouth and chin.

According to the Guardian, he said: “As a gay person, my biggest problem in Iran is that I cannot be my real self.

“I always have to play a role. I always have to suppress my own existence and part of my identity and hide myself in fear from the society and potential problems that I might face.”

Others, who live outside Iran, speak more openly about their lives and experiences.

Last week, it was reported that Iran had hanged three men for homosexuality offences. In 2005, it was confirmed that two teenagers had been executed for gay sex.

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed in 2007 that there were no gay people in his country.