Transgender girl, 10, tells of classmates’ reactions

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A ten-year-old transgender girl who is bullied by adults, rather than children, has spoken of her excitement at returning to school as a female.

The child, who was born physically male, was diagnosed two years ago with gender dysphoria after showing signs from the age of two. Her parents now allow her to live as a girl.

Earlier this week, her mother told the Worcester News that while children had largely accepted her daughter, other parents and local adults had reacted badly, calling the girl a “freak”.

There were complaints from other parents when the school held a special assembly to tell children about the girl’s new appearance and name.

Speaking on BBC 5 Live, the year six student said she had been very “disappointed” about being forced to wear boys’ uniform in the past and found it “exciting” to now be allowed to dress as a girl.

Of her friends, she said: “They haven’t really said anything. It’s been a little eye-up and then, ‘Whatever’.

“They haven’t really taken any notice. There have been a couple of little glitches but that’ll pass.”

However, she said she was forced to change for games in the disabled toilet after parents complained.

“It is split for girls and boys, but in PE and stuff I do have to be with the boys’ team,” she said.

“But my friends stick up for me and say, ‘He feels like a girl so he can be on the girls’ team’.”