Evan Rachel Wood: ‘My bisexuality is real’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Evan Rachel Wood says her bisexuality is “for real”.

The True Blood actress, who has dealt firmly with suggestions that her orientation is a phase, told GQ she had been attracted to men and women since she could remember.

Interview Mickey Rapkin asked: “You broke off your engagement to Manson in August of 2010, and then earlier this year you came out as a bisexual. Was that a one-girl thing?”

Wood replied: “No, that’s for real. I’ve been that way since I can remember.

“I remember growing up and loving when I knew there was a girl like me who I looked up to. I figured I should return the favor. You don’t have to be ashamed.”

The star, 24, recently described her first relationship with a woman as “wonderful” but admitted she was “intimidated” at first.

She told Marie Claire: “I mean, it was terrifying at first. Not because I thought it was wrong but just because I was intimidated by women. It’s a totally different arena!”