Chinese zookeepers give gay penguin couple a chick

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Two gay penguins in China have been given a baby chick by zoo staff.

The infant penguin is one of twins born to parents in the Harbin Polar Land aquarium in China.

The Metro reports that the gay penguins are often caught stealing others’ eggs during mating season, and the museum staff are confident they can raise a chick between them.

The twins were reportedly separated in order to give both the best chance of survival.

The Chinese penguins’ story echoes that of Roy and Silo, penguins at New York’s Central Park Zoo, who were given a rejected egg by keepers after they continually attempted to hatch a rock.

Earlier this year, the book And Tango Makes Three, which is based on Roy and Silo’s story, returned to its place at the top of the American Library Association’s most complained-about books list.

A male penguin couple at Toronto Zoo drew international interest this autumn when it was announced they would have to be split up to mate with females.

Buddy and Pedro are part of the endangered African penguin species. The zoo confirmed they would be reunited in the spring.