Anti-gay MSP Bill Walker expelled from SNP over abuse claims

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Bill Walker, the member of the Scottish Parliament who once compared gay rights campaigners to Nazis, and has been an outspoken opponent of government proposals for marriage equality, has been expelled from Scottish National Party (SNP) over allegations of domestic abuse.

Mr Walker, 71, was elected to the Dunfermline seat for the SNP last year, and provoked an angry reaction from several quarters when he first suggested that same sex relationships are “in any way equal” to heterosexual ones, and then by comparing gay rights campaigners to National Socialists. The comment came when one campaigner sent all SNPs an e-mail asking them for their views on marriage equality, to which Mr Walker’s response consisted of one word: “Rubbish.”

Last month, following allegations in the Sunday Herald from three of his former wives, Mr Walker had been suspended from the SNP, pending investigation. Now, he has been expelled from the party, with right to appeal, though he still remains an MSP.

The BBC reports that the press has been unable to reach Mr Walker for comment.