EA Games backs removal of Defence of Marriage Act

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Gaming company EA Games has joined the growing list of American companies calling for the anti-gay Defence of Marriage Act to be repealed.

Executives said that the law, which bans federal recognition of gay marriages, is unconstitutional and creates problems for companies around discrimination and tax.

While the Obama administration no longer defends the law in court, federal agencies continue to enforce it.

EA Games signed a amicus brief urging the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to find DOMA unconstitutional. Other signatories include Google, Gap Inc and eBay.

The video games company said: “DOMA presents a number of problems for businesses like EA.

“It creates regulatory, tax, and discrimination complications for employers, and that’s why we’re standing against it. The underlying lawsuit impacts all employers no matter how big or small, and no matter the industry, and we encourage other business to join these efforts.”