Metropolitan Police: Homophobic crime down across London

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Homophobic crime across London has fallen by 12.7%, latest statistics from the Metropolitan Police Service show.

From March 2012 to March of this year, 1,103 crimes were recorded, compared to 1,264 in the 12 months prior.

However, several London boroughs have seen a rise in homophobic crime.

In Newham it’s up by 233% (30 offences); Redbridge by 200% (18 offences); Barking & Dagenham has seen a 75% rise (21 offences); it’s up by 80% in Hounslow (27 offences) and there has been a rise of 275% in Enfield (27 offences).

In all of the mentioned boroughs, overall crime has fallen.  

Commenting on the drop in overall recorded crime, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said: “Crime is down by 6%. This includes some excellent performance across London, with serious youth violence down by 28%, gun crime down 20%. Robberies are down by over 10% and 1000 gang members are in prison or under judicial restriction.

“These are very significant numbers that have been achieved against a backdrop of substantial operational challenges to the Metropolitan Police such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the London Olympics and Paralympic Games. All of this has been done whilst also saving money.”

Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: “London is one of the safest big cities in the world and it’s great news that crime rates are continuing to fall. This is testament to the sterling work our cops are doing, and we are keeping bobbies on the beat to continue the fight against crime.”