Anti-gay evangelist accuses US Supreme Court judge of being a ‘homosexualist’

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An anti-gay evangelist has written a column which accuses one of the US Supreme Court justices of being a “homosexualist” for ruling in favour of  gay rights in the past.

Writing for WorldNetDaily, Scott Lively, an evangelist well known for his anti-gay rhetoric, claimed that “There is no such thing as a ‘Gay Christian.’ The very notion is anti-biblical.”

He goes on to accuse Justice Anthony Kennedy of being a “homosexualist”, and suggests that, because he has ruled in favour of gay equality in the past, somehow gay and lesbian people had been given special treatment.

He goes on to say that Pope Francis was “NOT endorsing homosexual conduct as so many in the liberal media have dishonestly claimed,” when the Pope earlier this week said: “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?”

Lively is currently being sued by the organization Sexual Minorities Uganda, which alleges that his actions in Uganda over the past ten years led to the persecution, torture, arrest and murder of gay people in the country.

He previously said in an interview that he thought gay rights were bringing the “wrath” of God, which is a sign that the world is nearing the “End Days”, just like before Noah’s flood.

The anti-gay preacher, recently claimed that he did not attend a debate on gay parenting at the Oxford Union because organisers of the event “failed to correct” an administrative error meaning his flight was booked for the wrong day.

A request from equal marriage opponents to halt the resumed same-sex weddings whcih were taking place in California was been rejected by Justice Kennedy, who was the swing vote in the two cases around equal marriage, a decision on which was given in June.