Elton John: My manhood got stuck in a zip and my grandmother had to release it

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Sir Elton John has revealed he once got his manhood stuck in a zip, requiring his grandmother to rescue him.

“It was then the biggest it’s ever been”, joked the ‘Tiny Dancer’ singer on the BBC’s Graham Norton Show on Friday night.

“It swelled up to the most enormous size and she had to get it in a bowl of hot water”.

Sir Elton mimicked the actions needed to release his private parts from the zip, causing chat show host Norton and guests Dame Judi Dench, John Bishop and Jeremy Paxman to burst out in laughter.

Of his grandmother Sir Elton then added: “She is the only person I trusted to do it, and since then it’s been a huge disappointment.”

The gay 66-year-old music legend confessed to the painful moment in a spoof University Challenge sketch with Paxman asking, “Who on the sofa once got their foreskin caught in a zip and was rescued by their grandmother?”

At the sound of the University Challenge buzzer, Sir Elton raised his hand and said “Me!”