US: Axed anti-gay TV hosts could land new show on ‘traditional values’ network

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Two brothers dropped as hosts by reality network HGTV over their anti-gay activism could find a new home on a Christian “traditional values” network.

David and Jason Benham were due to host house-flipping show “Flip it Forward”, but were dropped by HGTV last week after it emerged they were anti-gay activists.

In 2012, both the brothers led a ‘prayer’ rally outside the Democratic National Convention, intended to stop “homosexuality and its agenda that is attacking the nation” and “demonic ideologies taking our universities and our public school systems”.

David Benham – who serves on the board of anti-gay group ‘the Coalition of Conscience’ – has also protested pride marches and abortion clinics, campaigned for North Carolina’s same-sex marriage ban, and compared same-sex marriage to Nazi Germany.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, they could find a new show on INSP, a channel owned by Christian group Inspiration Ministries.

Christian lobbying group Faith Driven Consumer, which also defended Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson after he made anti-gay comments, has reportedly put the brothers in contact with the network, asking them

David Benham told the website: “My brother and I are quite oblivious to what’s going on, other than the fact that we know a few networks have expressed interest in us. But we’ve not seen anything in writing.

“We never sought out the first show. HGTV came to us and wanted a house-flipping show, and we pulled the trigger. If another network wants us for a different show, we’ll sit down with them.

But at this point, we have no preconceived ideas for a show. Right now, we’re just finalizing the media circus.”

Jason Benham added: “We’re focused on getting through the next few weeks, setting the record straight and letting the dust settle. Then we’ll see where we pop up.”

The brothers recently claimed there are “grotesque things” on TV, and that they are just “committed to biblical principles”.