Second ever Asexual Conference at World Pride Toronto 2014

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The second International Asexual Conference will be held at World Pride in Toronto this year, following the first Asexual Conference at the 2012 World Pride in London.

The conference will involve workshops, panel discussions and a full press conference. Some topics for panel discussions include the history of asexuality and the latest in asexual research.

Talks by leading educators and activists will also be held. Founder of the Asexual Visibility and Education Network David Jay will speak, as will founder of Asexual Awareness Week Sara Beth Brooks.

Historically there has been debate between the LGBT rights movement and the asexual movement as to whether asexuality should be included under the LGBT umbrella. Disagreements on the matter have been compared to previous campaigns to have transgender people represented in the (then) LGB movement.

Advocate Sarah Beth Brooks has addressed this discussion speaking to the Huffington Post, saying: “Asexuality is very much a part of the broader conversation in our society about gender and sexual diversity. [It’s] certainly queer, and it’s certainly part of the LGBT community”

The inclusion of the International Asexual Conference on the World Pride 2014 events calendar however seems to indicate a growing level of inclusion and engagement between the two movements.

Coinciding with Toronto’s Pride festivities the Asexual World Festival, a large-scale visibility effort, will be held 25-30 June.