US: Videos surface of violent attack in Atlanta

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Video of a violent attack involving a transgender woman in Atlanta has surfaced on the video sharing app Vine, reports The Georgia Voice.

The Georgia Voice has reported the altercation took place in front of a skateboard shop. The victim was identified as a transgender woman by the publication, though the victim’s identity is currently unknown.

On Tuesday, Vine user TriAngle SquarE posted a series of videos showing the victim in a verbal altercation with a crowd of people. The videos take a violent turn when the victim is thrown to the ground by a man who then stomps on her head.

The Atlanta Police Department said in a statement to The Georgia Voice that they have no record of the incident, leading the department to believe the altercation was not reported.

Statements made by the victim at the beginning of the string of videos indicate that the crowd may have been questioning the victim’s gender identity during the altercation.

The video below, compiled by The Georgia Voice, shows all the Vines user TriAngle SquarE posted of the incident. The videos have since been removed from Vine.

Warning: This video contains disturbing images of violence and graphic language.