LGBT rights demonstrators attacked at Toronto mayor’s appreciation event

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LGBT rights activists who turned up to protest against the Toronto Mayor’s alleged homophobia at an event he held were attacked and told to go home.

Mayor Rob Ford’s annual Ford Fest saw around a thousand supporters converge on Thomson Memorial Park at the weekend, as well as half a dozen anti-Ford LGBT rights protesters.

The demonstrators objected to the fact that Ford voted against a proposal that would provide help for homeless LGBT teens, the only person to do so.

Ford’s supporters, however, told the LGBT activists to “go home”, telling them: “This is Ford Nation”. They also ripped up placards and threw them on the floor, stamping on them.

Videos and photos also appeared to show one man being assaulted, with a hand around his neck.

Police have said they are investigating the allegations.

The event lost its alcohol licence much to the dismay of those in attendance.

A rep for Ford said anyone is welcome to the event.