US researcher: People are gay due to sexual abuse

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A US researcher has claimed that people become gay due to sexual abuse.

In a blog posted yesterday, Ed Vitagliano, research director of the American Family Association, said: “What causes homosexuality? I think there’s probably a web of causes – some apply to this group, some to that, etc.

“I believe that some homosexuals have endured sexual abuse or other trauma; others suffer from a deficit of some sort that turned them toward the same sex side of the aisle in an attempt to heal.”

He supported his claims by saying: “We are obviously intended to grow through childhood and enter puberty attracted to the opposite sex – because that’s the only thing that makes sense of the biological design inherent in humankind.”

However he adds: “I believe God can make homosexuals whole in this life”, reports Right Wing Watch.

Vitagliano also insisted that his intentions are honourable, saying: “I love homosexuals” and “I feel compassion toward homosexuals”.

“In that way, homosexuals are just like me. No better and no worse, but broken nonetheless.”

In addition, the fact that Christian singer Vicky Beeching, whom he believes is attractive, came out as a lesbian last week has caused him some consternation.

He wrote: “I think most men would think that Vicky was a very pretty lady, and those sorts of appraisals are usually made without thinking. This makes the subject of sexual orientation rather difficult to understand at times.”

The American Family Association is an organisation which promotes extreme Christian values.

In July, its president claimed that Burger King will soon only sell ‘gay’ burgers.