Video: Same-sex couples react to anti-gay marriage ads

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A video has been released of gay men reacting to homophobic ‘pro-marriage’ adverts.

The clip features a number of gay couples reacting to political ads, paid for to oppose same-sex marriage in US states.

The ads include the National Organisation for Marriage’s infamous ‘Gathering Storm’ commercial, which aired in 2009.

One of the couples mock the ads, saying: “Is it possible to laugh and cry at the same time?”

Another ad titled ‘One Man One Woman’ features a child getting hurt in a playground, before the camera cuts to the legs of their two fathers.

A baffled couple responds: “They won’t even show their faces! God forbid gay people’s faces are shown in this commercial.

“Gay people are obviously just disembodied legs, and you’re only able to be nurturing if you have a vagina.”

The video’s producer Michael Rizzi wrote: “Things are changing all over the world and same-sex couples are gaining more rights.

“I thought it’d be interesting to take a look at some of the commercials that will be marked as the wrong side of history.

“Thanks to all the fab men that helped me with the video!”