WATCH: This man climbed Mount Everest to tell the world ‘Uganda must stop killing gays’

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One man has gone to extreme lengths to send a message condemning Uganda’s persecution of LGBT people.

Recording atop Mount Everest, Kenny Solomons said he had met a gay Ugandan named Roger, who was forced to flee the country because a mob attempted to burn him alive.

Holding up hand-written cards, Solomons says: “Uganda’s anti-gay law is sick and must change… Uganda is killing people because of who they love.

“Save the LGBT people of Uganda.”

A new, harsher version of Uganda’s anti-gay law could effectively make all gay and lesbian people homeless.

Despite not appearing on the agenda for the next Ruling Party Caucus on 13 December, politicians in Uganda have promised the bill will be introduced by Christmas.

Solomons, a British actor and model who lives in Sweden with his wife, posted a message alongside the video, calling the anti-gay law a “bunch of bollocks”.