The top 9 US LGBT stories of 2014

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 21: Actor Neil Patrick Harris speaks onstage during Neil Patrick Harris: In Conversation in the AT&T Studio during the 2017 Vulture Festival at Milk Studios on May 21, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Vulture Festival)

As readers get ready for New Year celebrations, we count down the nine top stories from the US on PinkNews this year.

The stories chosen in this US list were those that were widely shared and generated an interesting debate as well as the ones that our editorial team deemed to have a significant effect on LGBT life in the US and beyond. From politics, to court cases, to celebrities to campaigns, you’ll find the most read stories here.

1. The Supreme Court kick-started marriage in a bunch more states
The top 9 US LGBT stories of 2014
A minor legal decision not to take up a marriage case could seem like dull news – but the Supreme Court’s actions in October sparked a revolution for equality.

The number of states with marriage equality skyrocketed from 19 to in excess of 30 – with over 35 states currently recognising same-sex marriage.

2. Sean Hayes married his same-sex partner
The top 9 US LGBT stories of 2014

The 44-year-old Will & Grace star tied the know with music producer Scott Icenogle, after being engaged for several years in secret.

Despite starring as outgoing gay character Jack McFarland in the sitcom, Hayes has always been guarded about his own private life,only confirming he is gay in 2010.

Surprising fans on Facebook in November, he wrote: “Here’s a #TBT photo of Scotty and me getting married last week. Took us 8 years but we did it! — with Scott Icenogle.”

3. Anti-gay republicans proposed forming a new country called ‘Reagan’
The top 9 US LGBT stories of 2014
Douglas MacKinnon, a former aide to – unsurprisingly – ex-President Ronald Reagan – called for  South Carolina, Georgia and Florida to leave the US and form a new nation based on “traditional” values

He said: “If you’re a football commentator and you happen to just say innocently, ‘Maybe I wouldn’t have drafted a gay football player becasue I wouldn’t want to deal with the distraction’, many people on the Left will try and drive you out of a job as well.

“There’s no reason we can’t [secede] now. Obviously Thomas Jefferson talked about it in the Declaration of Independence that it was our right to do so.”

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4. Barack Obama issued an executive order banning anti-gay discrimination
The top 9 US LGBT stories of 2014
Back in July, after sustained pressure from the LGBT rights lobby, the US President issued an order outlawing anti-gay discrimination in employment.

The order is less far-reaching than an anti-discrimination law would be – as it applies only to federal contractors – but was necessary as Republicans stalled similar equality legislation in Congress.

5. Charmed actress Rose McGowan claimed that gays are ‘more misogynistic’ than straight men
The top 9 US LGBT stories of 2014
Rose McGowan lashed out at the gay community, claiming gays “fought for the right to stand on top of a float wearing an orange speedo” taking MDMA.

The actress condemned a boycott of Brunei over the country’s anti-gay law, saying: “There is Sharia law active in Saudi Arabia, there’s a woman who’s about to be stoned – I have not heard [AIDS activist] Cleve Jones discuss her, and nor will he.

“I think it’s what happens to you as a group when you are starting to get most of what you fought for? What do you do now?”

6. An anti-gay Republican was revealed to be a former drag queen
The top 9 US LGBT stories of 2014
Steve Wiles, a Republican who ran on a family values ticket, made the news when people came forward to blow the whistle on his past life as a drag queen.

Wiles – who worked as ‘Mona Sinclair’ on  the drag circuit – later  campaigned in favour of North Carolina’s constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in 2012.

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7. Christian groups boycotted a stamp with a gay man’s face on it

The top 9 US LGBT stories of 2014
The American Family Association boycotted all post featuring stamps commemorating gay rights hero Harvey Milk, describing him as a ‘known sexual predator’.

AFA’s president Tim Wildmon said: “Honouring predator Harvey Milk on a U.S. postage stamp is disturbing to say the least.

“Milk used his charm and power to prey on young boys with emotional problems and drug addiction. He is the last person we should be featuring on a stamp.”

8. A Republican who thinks ‘gays should be discriminated against’ was elected
The top 9 US LGBT stories of 2014
Disturbingly, 2014 saw the election of one of the most homophobic politicians ever – Republican Gordon Klingenschmitt, who won a seat in the Colorado House of Representatives.

He has previously claimed:  “If your heart is full of corruption or sin or immorality – in this case, homosexuality – then you should be discriminated against.

“Transgenders want your children. Liberals demand public access to rape your girls.”

9. Neil Patrick Harris marries David Burtka
The top 9 US LGBT stories of 2014
The How I Met Your Mother star tied the knot to his partner after over a decade.

The pair, who have twins Gideon and Harper, first got engaged in 2011 – and finally married in September this year.