Former Olympic wrestler hits out at ‘sickening’ gay subtext in new film

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A man who rolled around on the floor with other men for money is upset that a film about his life involves gay subtext.

Former Olympic wrestler Mark Schultz took to Facebook to condemn recently-released film Foxcatcher, which stars Channing Tatum as Schultz.

The film tells the story of the murder of the US wrestler’s brother David Schultz by John du Pont, who hired both the Schultz brothers as trainers.

Mr Schultz complained of the film: “The personalities and relationships between the characters in the film are primarily fiction and somewhat insulting.

“Leaving the audience with a feeling that somehow there could have been a sexual relationship between duPont and I is a sickening and insulting lie.

“I told [director] Bennett Miller to cut that scene out and he said it was to give the audience the feeling that duPont was encroaching on your privacy and personal space.

“It wasn’t explicit so I didn’t have a problem with it. Then after reading 3 or 4 reviews interpreting it sexually, and jeopardizing my legacy, they need to have a press conference to clear the air, or I will.”

He later wrote: “I regret calling out the only other man who has had decision making power concerning my image and legacy these past years. I apologize for the harshness of my language, but I am firm in where I stand.

“I will gladly go to any lengths to protect and safeguard the integrity and truth of my story, my life, my character and my legacy.

“If that’s not worth fighting over while I’m still alive, I don’t know what is.”