Marcus Collins denies tabloid claims he wants to ‘out’ musicians

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X Factor singer Marcus Collins has rubbished a story in the Daily Star, claiming that musicians are “dreading” he will out fellow singers.

The tabloid claimed yesterday that the reality show runner-up would soon enter the Celebrity Big Brother house, and  “warned he could reveal the names of a number of closet gay pop stars when he starts chatting to his new housemates.”

According to the Star, he said: “I know more than a few closeted musicians in the industry and public eye who just won’t talk about it. It’s time for change.”

However, the singer took to Twitter to curtly deny the claims, writing: “NO ONE has the right to “Out” anyone. In my book @stonewalluk agree?”

The gay singer later re-posted a photo of him taking part in Stonewall’s #NoBystanders campaign to stand up against homophobic bullying.

Marcus Collins denies tabloid claims he wants to ‘out’ musicians

Collins recently said it is only “a matter of time” before a same-sex dance partnership is allowed on Strictly Come Dancing.

The former X Factor star is dating Strictly Come Dancing star Robin Windsor. The series has never had a same-sex couple compete together.

The British Dance Council recently announced a proposal that would define a dance partnership as having to consist of a “man” and a “lady” in all competitions, unless otherwise stated.