Foreign Office condemns ISIS gay executions

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

The Foreign Office has released a statement condemning the executions by ISIS of men believed to be gay.

WARNING: The content and imagery within this article is extremely disturbing.

Yesterday, Islamic State (ISIS) released more photos of executions of a man they said had a “homosexual affair”, showing photos of a man being thrown from a seven-storey building, and then stoned to death when he appeared to survive the fall.

The Foreign Office said: “ISIS is not Islam. It is extremism hiding under the banner of religion in order to carry out barbaric, appalling atrocities against Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

“ISIS makes no distinction between cultures countries or religion. We condemn ISIS’s treatment of all people, including LGBT individuals.”

Gay rights charity Stonewall said: “If true, the reports coming out of Iraq and Syria are horrific and yet another reminder of the dangers posed by ISIS to anyone who doesn’t conform to their view of the world. ISIS are not just a threat to gay people, but a whole range of groups who simply seek to exercise their fundamental human right to be themselves”.



An man, believed to be aged 50, is shown before being thrown from a seven-storey building.