Leaflet distributed in Dublin claims being gay gives you cancer

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A leaflet distributed in Dublin claims that gay people have a life expectancy of 60 because they “contract cancers earlier in life”.

The leaflet was circulated to urge people to vote no in the Republic of Ireland’s upcoming referendum on same-sex marriage, which is set to be held on May 22.

It was reportedly handed to a her.ie reporter during the Divine Mercy Apostolate Conference at the Royal Dublin Society.

The leaflet says in part: “If you vote for same-sex “marriage,” you are doing homosexual persons no favours.

“They will contract cancers earlier in life. “The average life expectancy of those in same-sex relationships is 60 years. Statistically they are, more than average, subject to alcoholism, illegal drug abuse, depression, and suicide.

“Only a minority will want to adopt children anyway, but children who are adopted other than by man + woman couples are subject to 8 times more harm, and are 50 times more likely to die of injuries inflicted on them.

“A child is best raised by his/her own mother and father.

“Voting for same-sex ‘marriage’ is like voting for the Islamist law known as ‘sharia law’.

“It is giving in to a very small minority. In this case the very small minority will dictate what marriage means.

“Persecution of Christians surely will follow, and it will become a crime to teach and preach Christian morality.

“This has already happened elsewhere.”

The leaflet claims it was issued by the Alliance for the Defence of the Family and Marriage (ADFAM).