WATCH: When this crowd sees who is behind the screen they go wild

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A video has gone viral which hopes to promote total equality and challenge bias, and when you see the reaction to it you will know why.

Having amassed over 13 million views, the video uploaded by the Ad Council for ‘Love Has No Labels’, shows a crowd having their expectations challenged as two people appear as skeletons in an X-Ray style projection on large screens.

When the first couple come out (no pun intended), the crowd goes wild. It only gets better from there.

“Before anything else, we are all human. It’s time to embrace diversity. Let’s put aside labels in the name of love,” reads the ‘Love Has No Labels’ website.

As well as promoting gay rights with a same-sex couple and family, they it also sends the message that “love has no race”, and encourages viewers not to judge based on disability or age.