Irish students’ union receives ‘sick’ anti-gay postcard

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Maynooth University students’ union received the postcard that compares same-sex marriage supporters to paedophiles.

The Republic of Ireland is due to vote on allowing same-sex in a referendum this May. The postcard claims to be from the “No Way is Ireland Gay Campaign” and says that Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter and Rolf Harris all “propagated homosexual marriage”.

After sharing the postcard on their Facebook page, a representative of the Maynooth student’s union said: “While the Students’ Union do not have any issues with people who may wish to run either a Yes or a No campaign in the upcoming referendum, these sly and heinous remarks incite hatred, discrimination and compares those who support marriage equality to those who have been convicted of sexual abuse and pedophilia.

“We most likely received this on foot of the fact that Maynooth student representatives are going to vote today on whether or not a Pride Flag should be raised on campus in support of equality.

“This form of hate mongering is disturbing and represents a completely misleading, highly offensive campaign against supporters of equality. Maynooth Students Union will endeavour to prevent such materials being distributed around our campus and we would ask you to do the same.”

President Ben Finnegan said on TodayFM: “Everyone is outraged and I implore no one to take it serious. If anything, it has inspired me to campaign for a proper information campaign.”