HIV-positive Lib Dem threatens legal action after UKIP PPC claims he caught it ‘deliberately’

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A Lib Dem Prospective Parliamentary Candidate has said he is considering legal action, after UKIP’s Patricia Culligan claimed he contracted HIV on purpose.

The UK Independence Party’s PPC in Eastleigh, Patricia Culligan, tweeted earlier this week questioning whether the NHS should pay for the “v expensive” drugs taken by Lib Dem PPCs Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett and Paul Childs.

Referring to Mr Childs, she tweeted: “2nd LibDem candidate reveals he deliberately became HIV positive yet free NHS care v costly”

Though Mr Trett has spoken candidly about contracting HIV on purpose while suicidal, Mr Childs did not deliberately become HIV positive.

Mr Childs, the Lib Dem PPC for Liverpool Riverside, told Buzzfeed he was mulling legal action over the comments.

He said: “Patricia Culligan’s comments are deeply insulting and show a serious lack of knowledge. I’m not at all convinced by her apology. She only did it when she was approached by a journalist, and the party told her to remove it.

“The defence that she misread doesn’t stick. Maybe I can suggest an HIV charity for a sizable donation to help her apology seem more convincing?

“She also needs to apologise to the HIV-positive people of Eastleigh. How can she hope to represent them if she doesn’t have a basic knowledge of the issues?

“Even if her comments were about Adrian, they remain deeply offensive. She made the statement that she has worked with people and with HIV but still comes out with these comments.

“The reality is there is no hard evidence that people are coming to the UK for HIV treatment.

“Treating people with HIV makes sense, especially when most people are infected by someone unaware they have the virus.

“Her negative comments just lead to the stigma that leaves people too scared to get tested and seek treatment.”

Ms Culligan had posted an apology to Facebook – but the statement appears to have since been deleted.