Lesbian couple had no idea they would be in Hillary Clinton’s ad campaign

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A lesbian couple who were in a video launching Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign said they had no idea what the clip would be used for.

Engaged couple Christy Spitzer and Kassie Thornton were one of two same-sex couples featured in the ad for the Democratic Presidential hopeful, who launched her campaign over the weekend.

Jared Milrad and Nathan Johnson spoke in the ad about their wish to marry – later inviting Ms Clinton to their wedding – while Ms Spitzer and Ms Thornton were seen cuddling on a sofa.

However, speaking to Buzzfeed, the pair said they had no idea the footage would be used for a political ad.

They said: “We just knew that it was something supporting our love for each other and our wedding in June. They did ask if we were Hillary supporters and we definitely are.

“We thought it was something about or for promoting marriage equality, since it was all about our wedding in June and having that right to marry in California.”

However, the pair – who have been together for four years – did not seem to mind being used in the ad.

They said: “As a same-sex couple, it is such a honour to be part of the conversation around love and family in America.

“If we can be a part of anything that promotes marriage equality and engages people in understanding and normalizing same-sex relationships, we are honoured.”

By a strange coincidence, the pair were separately in the news themselves this week – when a New York cab driver was fined $10,000 for telling them to stop kissing, and threatening to kick them out his car.

Ms Thornton said: “The timing of everything combining was very bizarre… both happening at the same time is pretty intense. What are the odds?”

Watch the clip below. Jared Milrad and Nathan Johnson are at 0:50, and Christy Spitzer and Kassie Thornton at 1:57.