Oops… Anti-gay church blames Ivory Coast for Ireland’s gay marriage result

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The Westboro Baptist Church has inadvertently declared its hatred for the Ivory Coast, after printing the Irish flag backwards on protest posters.

A video was posted by the adamantly homophobic group, in response to Ireland voting yes to equal marriage over the weekend. Making history as the first country to vote in same-sex marriage by popular vote, the country saw an overwhelming majority come out in support of equality.

During the video, members of the Westboro Church attempt to perform an Irish jig on an Irish flag to a song about Ireland going to hell.

Further postings feature signs which say “God Hates Ireland” – similar to the church’s “God Hates Fags” slogan – superimposed on a flag.

Unfortunately, the flag they use has the colours in the opposite: orange, white and green – which is the flag of the Ivory Coast.

The US fundamentalist church is infamous for outspoken criticism of individuals and groups it doesn’t agree with, especially members of the homosexual community and those that support them. Its members have picketed the funerals of gay US soldiers who had died in Afghanistan, while its website’s url is godhatesfags.com.

Earlier this year, the Church protested a Christian conference, over the performance of openly gay singer Vicky Beeching.

Speaking of the church’s disgust with Ireland, the Irish Examiner stated: “We should really take it as a compliment”.

Last month, an Irish YouTuber who received homophobic messages from the Westboro Baptist Church called them to ask how to get into heaven.