Laverne Cox is the Statue of Liberty on magazine cover

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Orange is the New Black actress appears on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Laverne Cox is looking fabulous on her latest magazine cover – dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

She told the magazine: I initially didn’t think it would work. It felt a little cliche. It just turned out to be amazing. I really love it.”

Last year, she appeared on the cover of Time magazine under the headline “The Transgender Tipping Point“.

She also talked about inspiring other trans people: “I got this beautiful letter from a young person who said that they wanted to be an actor and knew they were trans and didn’t think there was any sort of hope for them to pursue that dream, and then they saw me on television and realised that they could be trans and be an actor.

“So they started their transition and they started acting classes.

“They were maybe 17 years old and they were also contemplating suicide, and they decided not to take their life because of this character.”




She recently said she thought men who date trans women are more stigmatised that trans women.

She also spoke about how her Orange is the New Black character had helped a woman accept her trans daughter.