One Direction crowned UK’s gayest band

New analysis from YouGov has revealed that One Direction is the music act with the strongest correlation to gay men.

Kylie Minogue and Madonna have been knocked off the top spot, as new YouGov research reveals that among adult music fans, One Direction is now the band met with the most enthusiasm by the gay community.

Using data collected from over 200,000 UK adults, YouGov compared British men who identify as gay to the rest of the population to find out which music artists are the most disproportionately popular among them.

A love for One Direction is now the stand out feature of gay mens’ music tastes, slightly ahead of old pros Ms Minogue and Madge.

Other artists who feature on the list include old favourites such as The Pet Shop Boys and Dolly Parton – both in the top 10 – and newer entries, such as Sia and George Ezra – both in the top 20.

However, the results are keen to highlight that the music artists featured on the list are not those that are most popular within the British gay community – that award goes to Sam Smith – “but rather the artists that are most over-represented by it”.

YouGov attributes the success of those featured on the list due their support of the gay community, including One Direction’s Harry Styles, who last year set Twitter alight, after he had a snuggle with the legendary Sir Ian McKellen.

“Throughout history music has been pivotal in the acceptance of LGBT culture,” YouGov said, “artists who have embraced it have become popular advocates, and have helped to unify the movement.”

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One Direction crowned UK’s gayest band