Happy Birthday Kate Bush!

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The legendary singer and certified gay icon is celebrating her birthday today.

Bush – who has long been popular within the LGBT community – is celebrating her 57th birthday today

The Wuthering Heights singer has topped charts for over 30 years, with her ethereal sound and alternative approach to song writing appealing to many in the LGBT community.

And the star may have even more reasons to rejoice – after she recently placed 4th on a list of the country’s gayest artists.

Using data collected from over 200,000 UK adults, YouGov compared British men who identify as gay to the rest of the population to find out which music artists are the most disproportionately popular among them.

Ms Bush was pipped to the post by fellow LGBT icons Kylie Minogue and Madonna – however it was One Direction who came out on top.

Sir Elton John has also credited Bush with helping to “save” his life.

John last year credited Bush’s 1986 duet with Peter Gabriel ‘Don’t Give Up’ with being what he needed to “get sober”.

Speaking in a BBC documentary on his fellow singer, Sir Elton said: “This was one record that saved my life.

“That record helped me get sober … So she played a big part in my rebirth. That record helped me so much. I never told her that but it did.”

A gay icon, the voice of an angel and saviour of Elton John – happy birthday Kate!