Sue Perkins almost arrested after Bake Off prank

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Perkins and co-presenter Mel Giedroyc have revealed how they nearly spent a night in the cells after pulling a prank on Paul Hollywood.

The celebrity baker was sent into a spin when his prized Aston Martin disappeared from the Great British Bake Off set.

What he didn’t realise was that the comedy duo had decided to steal the car as a prank – and very nearly landed them in trouble with police.

Sue – who is in a relationship with fellow TV presenter Anna Richardson – also told of how the joke took a more serious turn when she lost control of the car.

“I nicked the key off [Paul] and we just drove off,” she told heatworld.

“I’d never driven an Aston Martin before. We couldn’t turn it on but eventually it went… and we drove it into a ditch and had to phone a garage.”

She added: “Paul had the most spectacular humour failure I’ve ever seen. He was going to phone the police!”

And it seems it isn’t just Mel and Sue who like to pull pranks on Mr Hollywood – fellow judge Mary Berry also has a talent for winding him up.

Last year, Berry also vandalised his beloved Aston Martin – signing her name on the luxury car in permanent marker.

“I phoned her up. She said she thought it was marvellous,” Paul revealed.

“We’d been signing lots of books, so she’d decided to sign my car too.”

A chat show featuring Mel and Sue was cut by ITV last month after failing to attract high enough viewer numbers – despite the pair’s success on the Great British Bake Off.