Azealia Banks labels LGBT community the ‘gay white KKK’

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Rapper Azealia Banks has become the centre of another homophobic controversy during a twitter spat.

The controversy began when the rapper said, in a tweet that has since been deleted, “LGBT community (GGGG) are like the gay white KKK’s. Get them some pink hoods and unicorns and let them rally down rodeo drive.”

Azealia Banks labels LGBT community the ‘gay white KKK’

She quickly found herself embroiled in a backlash from some unusual and unexpected enemies.

Coronation Street star Charlie Condou initially called her out on her comments by highlighting her tweet to his followers.

Eastenders and former Footballer’s Wives star Alison Newman joined the spat by tweeting: “What an unfathomable idiot.”

The rapper continued her outspoken remarks with a slur on the Eastenders actress saying: “Botox those frown lines. Juvederm those lips. Get a tan. YIKES!”

Toby Finlay, screenwriter of Dorian Gray, joined the attack on Banks saying: “Ugh what a ludicrous f**king c**t of a human being.”

The 212 rapper attempted to defend her anti-gay post by claiming “You guys can handle TEN HARD INCHES OF COCK, call a woman a c**t, yet can’t take the word f*****t LOLOL.”

“If gay men are allowed to take words originally designed to hurt women and make them colloquial, then why can’t I?”

Azealia Banks labels LGBT community the ‘gay white KKK’

This justification follows her previous defence of using the word ‘faggot’, claiming it is not a gay slur and just means “a man who hates women”.

Her latest outburst comes after a week of further homophobic comments which began with a rant about a flight attendant, in which she branded him a “f**king faggot”.

She ended the week by saying she “wants to pepper spray a gay man in the face.