This guy’s ‘conservative’ dad surprised him after he accidentally outed himself on Snapchat

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

When Brett shared a Snapchat of himself with the word “faggot”, he didn’t think his “conservative” dad would ever see it.

But as his Reddit post, under the username imnotaseese79, proves, people can always surprise you.

After accidentally outing himself via a photo on Snapchat, he decided to come out as gay.

He wrote: “My dad texted me first because he saw something ‘troubling’ on snapchat.

“I had called myself a faggot in my snap chat story when I was drunk and one of my siblings must have showed him.”

Sharing what is dad said, Brett received much support and congratulations on the site.

This will surely bring a tear to anyone’s eye.

The text reads: “Happy Birthday Son, I Love You more than you will ever know and I am sooo proud of you. I am Lucky to have a son like you.”

The second read: “Brett, I Love You more today than yesterday, we will talk soon.”


Wow – people can surprise you!