Too far? Gay men touch vagina for the first time… (VIDEO)

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In what is surely the final video of gays and lesbian ‘trying’ things for the ‘first time’, a woman allows a group of men to ‘explore her special place’.

Many people had hoped the fad was over – including the team here at PinkNews.

However, the ‘first time’ video craze isn’t not dying down anytime soon – with the latest addition being slated as the most controversial yet.

Too far? Gay men touch vagina for the first time… (VIDEO)

Determined to get in on the action, Stevie Boebi allowed a camera crew to capture the scene – as she invited four gay men to “play” with her vagina for the first time.

Bria and Chrissy – the YouTube connoisseurs behind such viral classics as “GAY MEN TOUCH BOOBS FOR THE FIRST TIME!” and “Lesbians Touch Penis For The First Time!“ – uploaded the latest ‘first’ video onto their increasingly popular channel over the weekend.

As the incredibly awkward clip begins, the guys are predictably apprehensive, attempting to outdo each other’s outlandishly dramatic statements throughout.

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One “terrified” volunteer – clearly unfamiliar with how the human body works – “fears” he’s going to fall into the vagina or lose a finger.

Boebi then casually slides off her underwear – leaving one of the boys screaming as he cowers behind his hands.

Too far? Gay men touch vagina for the first time… (VIDEO)

Then come the standard, outlandish descriptions – with one of the men comparing Stevie’s vagina to a furry Star Trek alien.

“It’s like a partially deflated balloon,” says another, before asking: “Can you keep snacks down here?”

One of the guys says: “It’s like a closet door with some curtains poking out.”

The men are then challenged to find Boebi’s clitoris – in scenes as awfully awkward as we’ve come to expect.

Stevie said she “loved” the experience and would do it again.

We have a feeling she may be the only one.

Watch the clip below:

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