Anti-gay pastor warns ‘rainbow mafia to leave Captain America alone!’

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Gay people are ruining everything, apparently – even comic books.

Steve Pauwels – a pastor in Londonderry, New Hampshire – is not very happy about the inclusion of gay and transgender characters in superhero comic books.

His anger led the openly homophobic Pauwels to call on his fellow anti-LGBT activists to rise up, as he warned the “Rainbow Mafia to leave Captain America alone!”

Anti-gay pastor warns ‘rainbow mafia to leave Captain America alone!’

In a bizarre column posted on, the pastor claims that the so-called “rainbow mafia” – who, coincidentally, sound a lot like a gay version of The Avengers – has utterly contaminated “healthy male friendship”.

“Sodomite supremacists,” he writes, are driven by a “psychic rage” to completely destroy all culture – even comic books.

“When I was a teenager, Captain America was probably my favourite comic book hero,” he shares.

“Every month I’d eagerly look forward to the newest issue of Captain America and the Falcon. The Falcon, you ask?”

“He was the red-white-and-blue Avenger’s African-American partner — ‘partner’ as in crime-fighting teammate, not as in the fellow who, after a full day of busting bad guys with Cap, did things with him in the dark that would make most comic aficionados go, ‘Ewwwww.’

“Yes, back in the mid/late 1970’s, ‘partner’ still just meant … well, ‘partner’; nothing more salacious.”

He then claims that the “semantic status quo” of the once innocent word has now been “significantly warped into something icky.”

“As, alas, has occurred with such previously serviceable terms as “gay”, “queer” and “marriage,” he continues.

“The ‘homosexual rights’ movement churns on like a lavender Pac Man, omnivorously gobbling up everything in it’s path.”

Although mainstream comic book publishers DC and Marvel only began to include gay characters in the 80s and 90s respectively, many underground titles have been doing so since as early as the 1960s – so the pastor may want to check his facts!

Anti-gay pastor warns ‘rainbow mafia to leave Captain America alone!’

Not to mention that comic books have always had a significant queer following – with many fans sharing theories of which characters they would love to see fall for each other – including Pauwels favourite, Captain America and his teammate Tony Stark.

LGBT Marvel fans also rejoiced earlier this week when it was announced everyone’s favourite teen gay lovers – Wiccan and Hulkling – will be available as playable characters for the very first time.