Anti-LGBT groups will disrupt Target shareholder meeting over trans policy

Anti-LGBT activists are planning to infiltrate Target’s shareholder meeting to protest their pro-trans policies.

More than a million people people have joined an online ‘boycott’ of the superstore in recent weeks led by the anti-LGBT American Family Association, after the store confirmed that transgender people were able to use their preferred bathroom.

It comes after Target confirmed it “welcomes transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity.”

Since the action began, a string of protesters have taken to disrupting Target stores directly – with one woman waved a Bible while warning customers “the devil will rape your children”, a man speaking out against homosexual “abominations”, and an incident that sparked an ‘active shooter’ lockdown.

However , the AFA plans to take their disruption even further, taking aim at Target’s annual shareholder meeting.

A statement from the group’s President Tim Wildmon said: “Next Wednesday, June 8, the American Family Association will attend the annual shareholder meeting for Target Corporation.

“As a proxy attendee, your AFA will personally address the Board of Directors and thousands of shareholders on behalf of 1.3 million people who have signed the pledge to boycott Target stores until the company makes the safety of women and children a priority.”

Target says the sales losses due to the ‘boycott’ have been negligible.

However, the AFA has claimed it has caused $10 billion worth of damage to the company, claiming that as a result of the boycott “Target’s stock has fallen 20 percent”.