Two policemen who got engaged at Pride called ‘evil’, an ‘abomination’ in vile abuse

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Two police officers who got engaged at Pride in London yesterday have been hit with abuse by online trolls who called their engagement “sick”, “abominable” and “evil”.

The moment of the proposal was caught on camera and video, and a picture was taken by the Metropolitan Police’s LGBT network and tweeted.

Luckily the recipient of the ring said yes, as the Met tweeted.

Two policemen who got engaged at Pride called ‘evil’, an ‘abomination’ in vile abuse

The Met tweeted the picture in response to a picture of another couple, one of them a police officer, getting engaged at Pride in London which saw tens of thousands take to the streets of London.

But since the picture and video were tweeted by the Met, a number of trolls have taken to Twitter to attack the proposal.

One called the proposal “sick”, and another an “abomination”.

A third tweeted a bible quote about the positive aspects of love, reading: “homosexuality is a sin. It is not to be praised. True love doesn’t delight in evil. 1cor.13:4-8”

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The Met’s LGBT Network has said it will take action against the trolling, and tweeted: “Sad to see grossly offensive homophobic trolling about our #marriageproposal but don’t worry we’re the police so we’ll be taking action.”

A large police presence was felt at Pride following the mass shooting at Orlando, Florida’s Pulse gay club, which killed 49 and injured 53.

PC Anton Brown, the chair of the Network, said: “This is the culmination of two years’ work, which started with a conversation over a coffee in Berlin at the European Gay Police Association conference in 2014.

“The new staff association will represent LGBT matters in the Met, promoting recruitment and delivering training to LGBT liaison officers. It will also provide access to local and national events, promote reporting and provide support to members who have suffered LGBT crimes or bullying.

“The Network will also work with the LGBT community to signpost members of the public to support services.”

Earlier this week the Metropolitan Police Chief vowed to keep Pride in London safe – as extra officers are drafted in for security in the wake of a shooting at a gay club in Orlando which left 49 dead and 53 injured.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the head of London’s Metropolitan Police, spoke to press including PinkNews ahead of a meeting with LGBT business leaders, following the attack in Orlando.