Watch: Ann Coulter might regret not turning up for this interview

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter might regret not turning up to an interview on a talk show – after they decided to carry on without her.

The pro-Trump conservative was booked to appear on Chelsea Handler’s late-night Netflix talk series ‘Chelsea’ this week, but cancelled via email at the last minute.

But rather than just scrap the work on the Coulter segment, Handler decided to carry on anyway, bringing in an Ann Coulter ‘body double’ to stand in for the absent guest.

She said: “The show must go on, so to give you an idea of how the show would have gone, please welcome Ann Coulter’s body double.”

Out comedian Fortune Feimster stands in by role-playing as ‘Ann Coulter’, and answers questions by reading Coulter quotes.

When Handler asks ‘Ann Coulter’ what she thinks about LGBTQ people, the comic says: “Oh I love gay people… wait, I forgot who I was!

“To quote myself about gay people, gays are the molecular opposite of blacks. Everybody likes the gays moving in next door.”

Asked about Bill Clinton and Al Gore, ‘Ann Coulter’ remarks: “I don’t know if Bill Clinton’s gay, but Al Gore? Total fag. Climate change is kinda gay.

“Rainbows, right? You can’t get those without climate change.”

The real-life Coulter strongly opposed same-sex marriage, gay people serving in the military, and teaching children about the “homosexual lifestyle”.

The commentator defended herself in the past after referring to former Presidential hopeful John Edwards as a “faggot”.

She insisted: “Faggot isn’t offensive to gays; it has nothing to do with gays. It’s a schoolyard taunt meaning ‘wuss.'”

Coulter has previously suggested gay sex should be discouraged as a public health issue, similarly to smoking.