A gay YouTube star has become the first male model for Maybelline

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A gay YouTube star has become the first male model for makeup brand, Maybelline.

Manny Gutierrez featured on Maybelline’s Instagram page with one of his looks he created on his 2 million strong channel, Manny MUA.

The make up artist starred in a promotional video for Maybelline alongside Shayla Mitchell.

When the videos and pictures were released, he took to twitter to celebrate.

“Can’t believe Maybelline posted me on Instagram,” he wrote. “I think I’m the first boy they’ve ever posted! We’re breaking boundaries guys!”

Gutierrez was recently announced The Ultimate Influencer at the Ones To Watch Party.

Following his win, he spoke to People and explained that despite making all this progress, it can still be hard to remain confident.

“I’ve gone through all of it, I’ve literally heard every single name in the book be told to me,” he recalled. “So don’t be discouraged by anyone, as long as you’re confident in yourself and just keep doing what you’re doing.”

Gutierrez isn’t the only male makeup artist making movements in the beauty world.

James Charles, a 17-year-old New Yorker, was named the first male CoverGirl last year.

Charles appeared on Ellen to talk about his makeup work and what it was like getting to be on the front page.

“I’ve been posting on my Instagram account for about a year now, posting makeup pictures every day,” Charles told fellow CoverGirl Ellen Degeneres on her namesake talk show. “After my pictures went viral, I guess CoverGirl saw them and here we are.”

Charles came out to his parents as gay at 12 years old, and they’ve been nothing but accepting.

“They were so incredibly accepting. It was a very positive community and school as well. It was easy for me, i know it’s definitely very challenging for a lot of people. I was very thankful to have a pretty easy situation,” Charles said.

You can watch Manny MUA in the Maybelline promo here: