Sarah Paulson is the latest star to want to play Trump

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Hollywood star Sarah Paulson is the latest to open up about her desire to play the Commander in Chief on screen.

The American Horror Story star expressed her desire to play Trump in an interview with the Hollwood Reporter.

“I’d like to play Donald Trump,” the Emmy Award-winner said, adding: “Why not? That’s an acting challenge to be sure.”

Sarah Paulson is the latest star to want to play Trump

The People vs OJ Simpson star wouldn’t be the first to take on the role of Trump, or one of his top team.

Alec Baldwin earlier this month returned to SNL as Trump, after various appearances in recent years.

SNL has done a number of  outtakes in the past, Melissa McCarthy appeared on the show to do a hilarious impression of press secretary Sean Spicer.

Cast member Kate McKinnon has also ripped into Jeff Sessions, the US Attorney General, in a Forrest Gump style skit.

Paulson last year opened up about revealing her same-sex relationship back in 2005.

The star kissed her then girlfriend Cherry Jones at the Tony Awards in 2005.

She said in an interview with NOTOFU magazine that she didn’t think to react any other way when Jones won the Tony.

She said: “I was just doing what one would do when a person they love has just won a big award.

“What am I gonna do, pat her on the back and say, ‘Good job, dude’? It didn’t occur to me to do anything but what I did.”

Jones won the best actress in a play gong for performing in Sister Aloysius.

Now hugely well known for performing in American Horror Story and The People v OJ Simpson, back then Paulson says she was worried how the kiss may have impacted her career.

She said when she arrived on set for the NBC series Studio 60, Aaron Sorkin made it clear that she would “never have anything to worry about” with regards her sexual orientation.

She said: “It was the biggest exhale of my life… I didn’t realise how anxious about it I had been until he said that.”

Now Paulson is open about her relationship with Emmy-winner actor Holland Taylor.

“I believe that everyone should be allowed to speak their truth and just say what they want to say and show the world who they are.”

“You should be able to love whomever you fucking well please,” she adds.

Sarah Paulson is the latest star to want to play Trump