Homophobic TV host wants to nuke China

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Conspiracy theorist TV host Alex Jones has called for a “preemptive” nuclear strike against China in a rant about “fairies and pansies”.

Alex Jones of conspiracy theory website InfoWars went on a shocking homophobic rant earlier this week during a televised interview with former Trump advisor Roger Stone.

In the video, which InfoWars has since tried to erase from the internet, Mr Stone completely ignored the shocking rant as Jones brands a Democratic Congressman a “fairy c**ksucker”.

He fumed:  You piece of s**t. You f**king goddamn f**ker. Listen f**khead, you have f**king crossed a line. Get that through your goddamn f**king head. Stop pushing your s**t… he’s sucking globalist d**k.”

In a new InfoWars clip, Jones has doubled down on his homophobia – as he called for a nuclear strike against China.

He said: “You think having all those fairies and pansies over there with their little chicken necks running around attacking our president all day makes us look strong? It makes us look weak!”

Veering off course, he claims: “If China keeps pushing, the only option is full commitment to hit China preemptively. That’s the only way to survive this nuclear war and Trump knows it. And Russia has already been told they better stand down.

“The United States is preparing to nuke China so get ready a**holes! All of you wanted it, you’re gonna get it!”

Mr Jones previously claimed that Beyonce is “literally” eating children’s brains.

Mr Jones says: “I’m pro-human so I say, black people, stop killing your kids… and get them in church, whatever.

“Take them away from Beyoncé, who wants to eat their brain with the CIA, literally.”

He added: “Barack Obama is the killer of black people and they love him.”