Germany’s Green Party makes same-sex marriage a condition of coalition

Germany’s Green Party has made same-sex marriage a condition of entering a coalition.

Ahead of the nationwide elections in September, the opposition party pledged that it would only enter a coalition deal on the condition that same-sex marriage is finally legalised in the country.

The party announced the policy during their pre-election party conference in Berlin.

“There will be no coalition agreement with us without marriage for all,” their manifesto read.

Volker Beck, the Green politician who proposed the policy said: “Unless the discrimination against lesbians and gays on this point ends, you can’t count on our cooperation.”

Currently, same-sex marriage is still being blocked by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party, the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

Although the policy may have an impact on Merkel forming a coalition, The Greens are facing falling levels of support and so a coalition may be unlikely.

While their support levelled at over 10 percent for the last year, they have recently slipped down to between 6.5 and 8 percent.

However, if they manage to retain the 5 percent of the vote needed to enter parliament then it could be likely that they enter into a coalition with CDU or Bavaria’s Christian Social Union (CSU).

Co-leader of the Greens, Cem Özdemir, said that they hoped to beat the far right party, Alternative for Germany (AfD) and help move the country forward.

“We want to be the third largest party in this country and then hopefully join the next government and redefine what Germany stands for,” Özdemir said.

It comes after the current junior party in the ruling coalition, The Social Democrats (SPD), announced a big for same-sex marriage earlier this year.

The SDP hoped that in the upcoming September elections, it may be able to form a government with smaller parties and move away from the coalition with the Christian Democrats.

Merkel and her party have continually opposed marriage equality.

However, the leader has overseen other reforms, strengthening protections for same-sex couples and issuing compensation to men with historic gay sex offences.

Merkel last year warned US President Donald Trump to respect freedom from discrimination, in her statement on his victory.