Piers Morgan angrily hits out at genderfluid children

Piers Morgan has angrily lashed out children who want to play dress-up.

The Good Morning Britain host bravely took a stand against tiny humans who just want to wear a tiara sometimes and boots on other days.

He added his voice to the growing storm of hate against gender non-conforming children, who – according to the ITV presenter – will likely define as animals before too long.

(YouTube/Good Morning Britain)

Outrage at the idea of kids being able wear clothes which stereotypically don’t match their gender has sprung from the Church of England’s new guidance to combat anti-LGBT bullying.

The Church’s guidance reads: “Pupils need to be able to play with the many cloaks of identity (sometimes quite literally with the dressing up box).”

It continues: “For example, a child may choose the tutu, princess’s tiara and heels and/or the fireman’s helmet, tool belt and superhero cloak without expectation or comment.

(YouTube/Good Morning Britain)

“Childhood has a sacred space for creative self-imagining.

“They are in a ‘trying on’ stage of life, and not yet adult and so no labels need to be fixed.”

Newspapers such as The Metro, The Daily Mail, The Sun and The Express have covered the subject with varying degrees of ignorance, either online or in print.

Morgan has a history of making transphobic comments and attacks, despite insisting as recently as Tuesday: “I’m a big supporter of transgender rights.”

And he further cemented his reputation as a transphobe when he erupted on live TV this morning, blurting out: “You can identify as a giraffe as you want.”

SUN CITY, SOUTH AFRICA - NOVEMBER 11: A Giraffe in the Pilanesberg National Park before the third round of the Nedbank Golf Challenge at  Gary Player CC on November 11, 2017 in Sun City, South Africa. (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

Coming to a school near you, apparently (Getty)

This is not the first time Morgan has compared trans people to Animorphs, Animagi, vampires and any other fictional beings who go from being human to being an animal.

For instance, he asked non-binary guests Fox Fisher and Owl if he could identify as an elephant.

It echoes the sentiments expressed earlier this year on This Morning, by transphobic parents who asked: “Do we allow children to then come in [as animals] because they believe they’re an animal?”

School children


Morgan continued his latest angry-man-yelling-at-clouds routine by grumpily muttering: “No more boys, no more girls, no more mothers and no more fathers.”

Susanna Reid, his co-host, asked: “Are you feeling threatened?”

Piers said agreed that he was, and predicted: “We’re all going to be fluid.

“We’re all going to be giraffes.”

Piers Morgan

His hate of trans people has been building for a long time.

Earlier this year, he sparked outrage when he called gender fluid people “absurd.”

Last week, Morgan received a much-needed education on how to be tolerant of non-binary people from Star Trek actor Sonequa Martin-Green.

It seems like it didn’t stick.

Watch Piers attack genderfluid kids here: