Now that we know Brooklyn 99’s Rosa is bi, can we get finally Gina Rodriguez as her girlfriend?

Last week’s 99th episode of Brooklyn 99 had a major reveal for one of the squad.

After revealing that she’s dating someone new, Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio), hears Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) refer to a woman on the phone as “babe.”

Rosa admits “I’m dating a woman.”

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Rosa later tells Charles she is bisexual and “it felt really good to tell someone in the squad finally.”

“Going forward I think it’s going to give us a lot of stories. And also it would be fun to see Rosa dating. It’ll be fun to see Rosa dating ladies,” showrunner Dan Goor told the Washington Post.

So, with next week’s episode hotly anticipated, the big question is, who will be playing Rosa’s girlfriend?

Well, it seems fans have someone pretty clear in mind already.

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The two actresses, who are both outspoken Latina advocates, have been supporting each other for a long time.

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Fans of Brooklyn 99 and Jane the Virgin have latched onto the idea of Gina Rodriguez and Stephanie Beatriz playing love interests since this summer when Rodriguez mentioned the idea in an interview.

“I want to play her love interest so bad,” Rodriguez told Bust. “I really hope they make that happen.”

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Her character Jane recently found out that her boyfriend Adam, played by Tyler Posey, is bisexual.

Addressing rumours that Jane might be bisexual herself, Rodriguez said “Jane is the furthest from bisexual — maybe Gina’s a little closer than Jane is! — but I love that they want that.”

And when a fan tweeted that their dream film would be the two women playing “gay superhero girlfriends,” Beatriz couldn’t help but get involved.

“Gina, I feel a lunch coming on,” she tweeted.

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Positive representation of lesbian and bi women in media is vital, especially as so many lesbian and bisexual women characters are one-dimensional, or killed-off in the “Bury your Gays” trope.

So come on Brooklyn 99 – make it happen!

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