7 gay memes that defined 2017

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

2017 has been a year of great memes and gay memes were no exception.

From horrifying creatures to distracted boyfriends, the internet has certainly given us many laughs over the last 12 months. We thought we’d round up the best of the year for you.

Merry Mememas, everyone.

1. Right in front of my salad?

A gay adult film was the unintentional source of one of 2017’s best memes.
The iconic scene was born as the woman, who was thoroughly enjoying her salad, realises that the two men on the other side of the kitchen counter are having sex.

Right in front of my salad?

Shocked that her partner would be so outrageous as to cheat on her in front of her healthy lunch, the character said: “right in front of my salad?!”

The hilarious meme birthed a glorious sequel- ‘right in front of my salad again‘ where our plucky protagonist had her salad ruined once more by her adulterous partner.

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2. The Babadook

Ah, the Babadook. Star of the Australian thriller film of the same name, the Babadook became an unwitting gay celebrity when Netflix accidentally categorised ‘The Babadook’ as an LGBT film.

The Babadook at pride
The Babadook makes an appearance at DC Pride parade

People were tickled by the idea that a film about a bloodthirsty character who (spoiler alert) kills animals and tries to murder a child could be classed as LGBT.

But then, because the internet – and particularly Tumblr – is full of magic, fans started rallying around the Babadook’s brave decision to reveal his sexuality.

One imaginative person even made a sex toy out of the meme, called the Babadong.

3. Distracted boyfriend: gay ending

The famous girl vs distracted boyfriend meme managed to make waves in two different ways, both with the original meme and it’s many surprise endings.

7 gay memes that defined 2017

You know the drill: while walking with his girlfriend, a guy stares at another woman in that gross way men do, and the girlfriend looks at him, outraged.

A couple of quick labels on the relevant characters, and you’ve got yourself a new twist on the meme of the moment.

However, the meme evolved with the discovery of more photos with the same models.

7 gay memes that defined 2017
(Photo: @oranforest /Twitter)

Twitter was shook with the discovery that the spurned girlfriend in the original meme gets a happy ending.

4. Gay silence

A hilarious clip of Jodie Foster dealing with a heteronormative interviewer resurfaced this year and turned into a wonderfully accurate meme.

7 gay memes that defined 2017

The interview was conducted in 1979, when Foster was 17 and a child star.

In response to repeated questioning about her love life and whether she had a boyfriend, she raises her eyebrows.

A half-smirk, half-grimace follows.

The image was captured in gif form and shared with the brilliant phrase “gay silence” attached.

Twitter ran with the relatable gif and people were shook.

5. This is the future liberals want

The hilarious joke that has been trending on Twitter originated after the account polNewsNetwork1 tweeted out an image of a drag queen and woman wearing a burqa sitting next to each other on the subway.

7 gay memes that defined 2017

The right-wing politics account tweeted the picture out alongside the caption “This is the future that liberals want”.

7 gay memes that defined 2017
(Photo: @prasejeebus /Twitter)

Since then, the internet turned the post into a meme with hundreds of people contributing their own versions of a perfect liberal future.

7 gay memes that defined 2017
(Photo: @beckyblackbooks /Twitter)

Twitter users tweeted out outlandish pictures with the same caption throughout the year and it was epic.

6. _____ is gay culture

Gay twitter gave us many memes throughout 2017, but one of the greatest was the ‘gay culture’ meme.

The gay culture meme claimed many of life’s quirks and experiences, as well as showing the common experiences of LGBT people.

7 gay memes that defined 2017
(Photo: @wllbyrs /Twitter)

It quickly turned into the gay twitter version of ‘dibs’.

7 gay memes that defined 2017
(Photo: @abbiebosworth /Twitter)

Gay culture now includes many films, music genres and fashion choices.

7 gay memes that defined 2017
(Photo: @LeahCatherineF /Twitter)

This really is relatable content.

7. Pennywise

7 gay memes that defined 2017
(Photo: Twitter/ @starkrhodey)

Another horrifying creature became an LGBT meme this year. Pennywise, the star of Stephen King’s ‘It’ was turned into a gay icon this summer.

Pennywise rose to his iconic status when a Twitter user posted that Pennywise was an LGBT ally, with the quote “gay rights” attached to a photo of the infamous clown.

The terrifying clown also found love in his newfound gay icon status. The internet decided that Pennywise was dating the Babadook.

Ignoring the fact that the pair probably bonded over terrorising children, the story has become an LGBTQ romance for the ages.

7 gay memes that defined 2017

Never change internet, never change.

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